Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Havent Forgotten About You

Hello Guys,

    So a lot has happened since my last visit with you guys.First is probably the best news. I have a med regimen that works for me.I did run into one bump in this area.At first I had Lithium.I gained weight on it, causing my blood pressure to go up.I stopped taking it immediately,and the Dr. put me on Tryliptol.I got better and exercise got the extra weight off.But even still I had lingering bouts of depression.I felt as if I wasn't all the way there.So we added a low dose SSRI. And magic happened.I'm myself again.Along with the therapy sessions I can actually say that I am happy.I'm looking forward to the fall,and Halloween,and parties.I actually took a little vacation.Well I spent the weekend at my sister's house.A break from the kids.I slept in.I read-A LOT.I relaxed,and had adult conversations.I met two new people also.And I am happy.
   So my brother and sister.They are both younger than me.And they share a house an hour away from me.It's family,it's quiet,it's perfect.I bring my makeup,take long showers,everything is at my pace.And I've met some interesting people.One is a complete nerd,but fun for those late night text sessions.We can really be ourselves around each other and it's nice.The other is a person that I never though I would be friends with,but we get along better than famously.It's wonderful.Hard to believe that at one time I thought I'd never have friends.
  That's meds,and social.The other is my diet and exercise.That is going well also.I'm doing alot of challenging stuff.I'm surprising myself.And my husband with me. Of course we have lost quite a bit of weight,but more importantly we feel great.My blood pressure has come back down.So everything is moving into a more and more positive direction everyday

  So there you have a short and sweet version of what I have been up to.I have made a major shift in my life and I feel both brand new and a little scared.Mostly of relapsing.I'm terrified of going back to what I was.But I try not top think on it.Take care and until next time BYE!