Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life Update

Hola amigos,

   It has been a while.That means I have a lot to talk about.This post may get a little crazy,so just bear with me.
  First,My daughter and I saw Hotel Transylvania 2 last Sunday. Unbeknownst to my daughter I fell asleep for the majority of it lol. However,she had a great time and that's what's most important.From what I can remember it was really good.Am I the only one that goes to movies just for the snacks?I'm a real health nut,But when I go to the movies I have no problem with eating my faves: Nachos and popcorn-with butter.Yes,with butter. And no movie is enjoyable with Sour Patch kids.So check out Hotel Transylvania.
  What am I reading? Currently,nothing. I've halfheartedly tried starting three books.All are books that I should be interested in,and I am,but I don't know-I'm just not.(Actually I will tell you why later.)I'm seriously distracted guys,and I lay part of the blame on my family.Which brings me to my next current event.
  My family-myself,dogs,husband,and kids-are great.My younger sister-not so much.I have an older brother who has settled on a life of crime.He done hard time-10 years.He has no more strikes.He gets into trouble now and he's a lifer for sure.That said,he is a wanted man.And my sister is the bait.
What had happened was a package arrived at my sister's house.She's thinking,"Yay! My Amazon is here!!" But her name wasn't on it,my older brother's name was.Odd she thought,but accepted it anyway.As she is putting the package in her room on the floor there is a knock on the front screen door. It's the Feds, and they waste no time rushing in, putting my sister down on the floor, and cuffing her.They ask her about the package.Does she know what's in it? She says no.Points out that it's not addressed to her.Comments that the package looks like it's already been opened.Then the Feds confess that they were the one's who stopped the package in transit and opened it for photo purposes.Apparently they had been following the box from its departure in Cali.And inside is $85,000 (street value) worth of cocaine.WTF!!! My older brother is an asshole.The Feds have repeatedly told my sister they don't want her.That they want my brother.Yet she has been locked up under a $100,000 bond for a week and my brother-who has spoken with the Feds twice-is still M.I.A..They didn't lower it at her bond hearing,and now I've had to hire a lawyer just to get another hearing in the hopes that the lawyer can get it lowered to where I don't need a house to get my sister out.Understandably my sister is a wreck.My younger brother and I are taking care of the bills and her job will be waiting for her when she gets out.We keep her with plenty of money on the books, and I visit her as much as possible.The struggle is real,and this incident alone is havoc on me with my anxiety.At these numbers a lawyer wont give you the time of day for free.Pray for me and my sister.
   How about this weather.We got rain for a week straight here in NC.Which meant that C&C Concrete made $0 last week.And on top of that my stove finally has gone caput.Not a good time of year for this to happen.Anyone who knows this trade understands me on this.But having to deal with my sister made the workless week a godsend.Finally the sun has returned.There's not a cloud in the sky today.The air is cool and crisp,and the leaves are turning.I love fall.

   So those are my current events.Normally my life is quiet bordering on depressingly quiet. But the cosmos sure does have a way with keeping you on your toes.I'll catch up with you guys later in my next blog.And remember,be good to each other.