Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm Still Here

Salaam Alaikum,
    I am still here.I have just been on a reading bender,(I'm still on it in fact),and books and family has kept me away.As well it should.But my goal this last half of the year is to blog regularly.I just have yet to decide what that means.I am definitely going to write about the books I read.There will be spoilers, but not like a retelling of the story.Just how I feel, characters that I like/dislike, and things like that.Not to mention written rants on family life.I have all three kids for the summer and my quiet tranquil 7:30-3 is gone until the end of August
   So what's up with me? Taking care of the family, and book reading and buying.I have a Facebook for family, a Twitter, I vlog on YT.Just search for NerdyNiqabi and you will find me.Why all of this, all of a sudden? Friends. I am alone. Not all alone. I do have my family and a few friends, but I am starting to feel cut off from the world.Social networks are filling the void I feel. I am not the most proficient with the Internet-I am downright handicapped.I just feel that as long as I am putting my thoughts and voice out I am part of the group. I am happy when I get questions and comments from others. I'm not looking to be popular. I just want to participate. And I have met some awesome people so far.
   The books- oh my, the books.I am loving the YA.I still read other genre.A good book is a good book.But I find a joy in YA, a simplicity and innocence. The love triangles can be infuriating, but I understand that the characters are teenagers and so love triangles are par for the course, (I hope I am using this phrase correctly). But it's so good. I am reading books that I never thought I would like. I started a Goodreads and none of the books on my list match what I am reading. My list is majority Historical fiction/non-fiction. that was what I was reading the most of when I started the account. However, my reading, rating, and reviews have all been on YA books with a pinch of  the historical. But it's all good.
   So that is a quick blurb on my end.Whoever reads this, thank you for taking your time.I will be posting as often as possible catching up on writing review for the books I've been reading.I read three this week so I need to get on it. Until then,Asalaamu Alaikum:)