Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Power Of Books

Salaam Alaikum,
    If you do not know by now I love books. I love reading, I love seeing what books people are buying, reading, not reading- everything and anything bookish. What started out as an effort for my children has become one of my favorite pastimes. I was never interested in YA.I was mainly buying it for my teenage son. But I got the idea in my head that soon my daughter would be a teenager, and since she was a bookworm she would need lots of good books to read. And I, who carefully screens everything that my kids are exposed to, decided that I would build a library. A library  filled with books that I have already read and approved as safe.One little push from my dear sister Farrah and I was hooked on YA with the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.It was her reccomending The Clockwork Prince that started it all.After that series- which I devoured in three days- I was buying whole series at a time and reading more than I ever had before.
   As a young girl I did not read a lot of books aimed at my age group. There was The Baby-Sitter's Club, Sweet ValleyHigh, V.C. Andrews- I read those too-but was really interested in European history. More accurately, stories of royalty.The painful and dangerous process of becoming a princess, murderous royalty, aristocratic scandals. The Russians are my favorites with England coming in at a very close second.I still remembered the time when I came to realize that all European royalty were related, and that the lunacy I poured over night after night was a product of intentional inbreeding.I still cannot look at Queen Elizabeth without thinking that she is married to her cousin.
   I still read what I grew up on, but I have branched out in a most delicious way.In some respects I am returning to my childhood through books.On many a night you will find me in bed at 4 am with a book.Before I was hiding under the sheets with a flashlight. Now I can read freely and out in the open.Although I do admit to hiding every once in a while from my husband who just doesn't see how anyone could give up sleep for a book.But I happily cook for him during the World Cup no matter the hour so he doesn't overly hound me.(Last World Cup I was sometimes cooking at 3 am. and I will be doing the same if necessary next year.)
   My library is awesome and I actually smile when I look at it. All those stories at my fingertips is just wonderful.And yes I have a never ending TBR. What started out as a stack is now a five shelf ordeal.But every book on it is there waiting to be read, not forgotten but in line. I must say that I have yet to meet a YA that I do not like. The stories are not life changing, but that is because of my age.The genre is meant for an age group that I have long since left.The problems already hashed out and dealt with.But they are none the less entertaining.And I do have to remind myself ever so often that the characters are 14-19 so love triangles, although frustrating to me, are still problems for this age group.I just with that authors would tone it down a bit. Not every teen is having to decide Edward or Jacob.The love triangle is just such an overused item in YA, and sometimes It ruin a story for me.I think,"Man. That was a great story, but the love triangle could have been replaced with more world building or deepening just one love interest. But alas they a books for kids who are indecisive and confused about everything. I will not let love triangle put me off.
   My books are my Calgon. They take me away to times and places where dirty diapers, laundry, and dusting dare not follow. I love my family, but I need my breaks.There is no shame in it. I do include my family.We talk about what we are reading, and I am currently discussing with my son the possibility of my taking up Manga. Deathnote is what I have in mind.
   So books are it for me. I make no excuses, I make no apologies. It's another bond between my children and me.It is a way to travel to distant lands, and worlds.And it is one of the few things about me that remains constant as I aged, got married, and started having children.And I hope it is one of the things that my children remember.So that when they are off doing their own thing in the world  and where are separated by miles, or I am long gone they will know where they can find me-where I  always am when someone asks, "Where's your mom?" With the books I hope they answer.She is always with the books.