Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trying New Things

   Salaam Alaikum and Hello,
   I'm always up for trying new things. At least that's what I say to myself and others. But when it comes to books, I have to admit I am a bit stubborn. I don't know why, I just am. But I have to admit that this year trying new books, and genre has paid off big time. I haven't had not one reading slump this year, (knock on wood), and my reading has gone thought the roof. My family and bank account may say different, but to me that's FANTASTIC! Between the addition of YA and Manga I am in reading heaven.I never thought angles would be interesting, but they really are; and, I sometime dream about being in the places of the girls I read about.Granted, the first thing I would set straight are the silly little love triangles.But through my new reading journeys I have gotten back my imagination station.My books are taking me away, relaxing me, resting me. They are doing what books are meant to do- entertain. I still read my historical non-fiction- I don't think I'll ever stop wanting to learn.But books are becoming my entertainment of choice.Im still trying to figure out how am I going to fit in Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, and this fall TV line-up of my favorite shows.These days I would just rather read than state at a screen.Give me a book and my cellphone and I am good to go.I can read and tweet my reading is sheer bliss. I haven't been on my desktop in months and my iPad looks brand new.I only use it to vlog, blog, and update my GR.Oh yeah, and to pay bills. But other than that you are more likely to see the top of my head, my nose in a book.
   Of course, I have my family to take care of, but Im never just lounging on the sofa or outside 'sans une livre'. I can thank books for one thing.At a time when communication should  be breaking down between my teenage son, it's gotten better. We scour the book websites and store for books together, discussing plots, and characters.My son has shown me he has good tastes on books, and I am showing him that I still know the meaning of fun. He is by no means a book rat like myself-yet- but he knows the excitement of a good book. He even surprises me.Like when I caught him still awake at 4 am- READING!!
   The most awesome news is that since starting my GR account on May the 8th, I have read 50 books. I'm upping my goal to 100. I plan on participating in as many read-a-thons as possible to help me, and just reading books that I like. I really do enjoy read-a-thons.Great books, and great people. Guaranteed good times. My house is transforming- bookshelves being put up wherever there is wall space.Books with beautiful covers wrapped in plastic so that they can be read as many times as possible and still attract the eye of my up and coming  readers. It's great.
   So I going to stick to the new bookish me. Who knows, maybe this time next year I be blogging about how great beach reads are.Its a stretch, but then again so is everything I've been reading this year.