Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review-Luminous by E. Bell

 Hello and Salaam Alaikum,
I'm back.And this time with my first ever author solicited review.

 "Luminous tells the story of a sixteen-year-old-girl whose burden is not boys, clothes, or school. She has the burden of saving the world. Lucia Carboni was born into a cult, the Ascended Ones, whose plan is to depopulate the world so they can take over and make the remaining survivors their slaves.

The year is 2049 and she is living out her mission, which is to be sent to school with what her cult refers to as the Others and be somewhat of a spy. Here, she develops friendships with the very people her people seek to destroy, and therefore she makes a bold decision to run to New York City.

She is immune to her cult’s brainwashing, and, with her inability to be mind-controlled she can pose as an alter and seek proof for the world of the Ascended Ones’ Plan.

On her journeys she embraces spirituality and begins to realize that much of what she understands of the world is fiction created by the Ascended Ones, as part of their suppressive plan to weaken society and dominate…and the plan is nearing completion. Lucia’s race against time on earth can not only enlighten the world, but she can prevent it from enslavement.

Luminous explores the possibility of the Illuminati, rumored to be the world’s top secret society with a plan to instill New World Order."

                                                            MY REVIEW

  I had serious issues with this book.The plot jumped all over the place with various conspiracy theories,and there was no character development except with the main character-and even that was lacking.It made it very difficult to connect with her and her story. The only thing I understood about any of the supporting characters was that her dad is just plain mean,(to put it nicely). The rest made their appropriate appearances, but other than that just didn't really exist. Her quest for the truth was so ridiculously easy it was boring. It takes place in the future, but the world building was so inefficient that it seemed more like a weak alternate/parallel reality than futuristic. I had to really push myself to finish this book. The only reason why I did was to be fair and so that I could give the most thorough review as possible to others interested in the book. One star for taking on such an original and mysterious topic such as the Illuminati.