Thursday, August 20, 2015

B-O-B Day 3


   So what did I get up to book-wise on the third day of the readathon?? Well, I am officially pulling the plug on my posted TBR.I have now read three books that were not on my list.Don't get me wrong.I enjoyed every letter.And I am currently reading another book that was not on the list.But you will hear about it tomorrow.Thus far, I have completed three books:


   I have started physical books,but have yet to really get into them let alone finish one.Marley's Ghost, while good, is dragging for me. And The Wrath and the Dawn I can't seem to get into neither.That is how my reading has been these last few months.I have been reading physical books,but my ebooks have been getting special attention from me.

   I did not do the challenge,MASH.

Catch you guys later.Bye:)