Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bout Of Books Day 2


   Day two of the B-O-B and I have finished "Alpha" by Jasinda Wilder.Still reading "Marly's Ghost"by David Levithan.It is quite a sad book.I think that is why it's taking me so long to get through it.But I don't want to shelve the book.I want to finish it.
   I did participate in the challenge.I debated all day and decided to do it when I wanted to take a longer break from reading.So I entered the "Book Scavenger Hunt" hosted by Kate over at The Book Monsters.Check out my entry here:

   So that is all I have to report.I may not be reading very many books; but, along with what I do read I have been keeping up with various blogs that I follow.Something that I have been VERY VERY lax with in the past.So I will catch up with you later.Bye:)