Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bout of Books Scavenger Hunt

      Hello guys and gals,
   Today's challenge is hosted by Kate over at http://www.thebookmonsters.com. So thank you Kate for giving us such a great way to rediscover all the gems we already have on our shelves.I enjoy activities that take me back to my shelves.I have a humongous TBR pile that is always growing so finding more books to read that are already among my stacks is always a bonus.My September reading pile is coming along quite nicely.

1.A Book that begins with “B”  (for Bout of Books!)

"Bloodfever"(Bk 2 in "The Chronicles of Mac" series) by Karen Marie Moning.

2. A book you’re planning to read/currently reading for Bout of Books
"Uprooted" by Naomi Novik

3. Blue Book(s)
"Dreams of Joy by Lisa See
"Pure" (Bk 2 in "The Covenant" series) by J.L. Armentrout
"The Graveyard book" by Neil Gaiman
4. Books from your favorite genre!
Paranormal Romance

5. A book on your TBR shelf, or your full TBR shelves 
Next to Paranormal Romance, I love classic retellings.This is the next I am hoping to pick up at the end of this month.