Sunday, May 19, 2013

Siege and Storm

Salaam Alaikum and Hello,
   Is anyone getting antsy for the release of Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo? This is the second installment of the Grisha Trilogy, the first being Shadow and Bone. I really, really want this book. I have read of at least two people having read arcs and I must admit that I am green with envy.
   I do not think that there was one thing about Shadow and Storm that I did not like.One of the one things that I did like- or should I say appreciated- was that the author forwent the usual love triangle.(I think the reason why I do not like love triangles is just because I too old for such stuff.I will not call it nonsense because it happens or has happened to all of us.I was young and naive once, trapped between two desires.But I do not allow this one little dislike deter me from YAs).I liked that the ending seemed hopeful, but even I knew that it was just the beginning to something more wonderful than what I had just finished reading.I have a couple of endings in mind-a couple of theories-and I am anxious to find out if any of them are right. June can not get here fast enough.