Sunday, May 12, 2013

With Bated Breath and Fingers Crossed

 I don't even know if I worded the title correctly, but that is how I feel. I don't think anyone will really care to hear what I have to say about anything. One thing is for sure though-I need to do something with myself.Whether I like it or not, my contentment is MY responsibility.I do not have very many friends to speak of, so those few that I have of YT,FB, and soon on various blogs are near and dear to me. This is my first blog-EVER. I've never kept so much as a diary, and hear I am blabbing on the Internet.So here it goes.
   It has officially begun;the Bout of Books read-a-thon. I plan to read three books,in one week, at a rate of half a book a day. This blog will be my guide and my connection with other avid readers such as myself.I have just only discovered the joys of YA books, and I am eager to see what else I might find entertaining. I normally am a die hard Historical,non-fiction type. Anything to do with Europe,kings,queens, princess,tsars, and the such is right up my alley. Then came the Infernal Devices and I felt my sense of reading burning with a whole new light. It is only the 13th and I have bought so many fairy-tale retellings, series, and trilogies that my husband has to spend next weekend building me a shelving unit in the living room. I already have a whole wall in our bedroom and now I shall annex the living room. If I neglected to say before-I LOVE BOOKS.
   So I am excited for this week. BoB, and two orders of books await me this week- I couldn't be happier and filled with a refreshing sense of purpose. Its 1:00am and time for me to get a bit of reading in. I'm starting with Shadow and Bones by Leigh Bardugo. See you in my post tonight and HAPPY READING!!!