Monday, January 6, 2014

Book Buying Spree

Salaam and Hello,

   So I just entered my first mini challenge. It was the "Book Buying Spree" hosted by Rachelia at Bookish Comforts. It was fun imagining for just a moment that I could buy without thinking of price. The senario goes: We had won $100.What would we buy? We had to fill a cart on the Book Depository site with books, taking care not to exceed $100. How far could we make that money srtetch? I got 6 books.Could I have gotten more? Sure. I probably would have bought my lot from BookOutlet though. But the rules were Book Depository- so that's where I did my dreaming.
  Six books. I could have gotten more. But I figured that it's won money. Why not buy solely based on want, without price coming into play. If it had been money from my pocket I would have been more frugal. What books at what price would I like to buy? Trying to get more of what I want at a more affordable price. Not a huge problem. It just means that sometimes I have to wait longer for books I want. Sometimes even waiting the year it takes for the book to be released in paperback all the while praying that I stumble across it at a used bookstore. But the books I picked are on an actual wishlist from another site. And some of them are there because of the price. I can't bring myself to buy one book off my list that is the combined price of two books on that same list. Meaning that if I had the money that one,high priced book would have been mine by now.
   That is just the one of the little bumps a book lover faces. Bumps, not brick walls. You see, if necessary we will wait, or swap, groupon or coupon- even check out if we have to- to read that author or title that we so desperately are interested in. I have many a time, while book shopping, thought to myself, "Oh If only I had just $50 or $100 more, I could add....." So it was nice to daydream, and to read where my and other book lovers tastes overlapped. (And I got leads on other books I might be interested in.) Thanks Rachelia!